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The IFAMR is an internationally recognized catalyst for discussion and inquiry on issues   related  to the global food and agribusiness system. The journal provides an intellectual meeting place for industry executives, managers, scholars and practitioners interested in the effective management of agribusiness firms and organizations. We are OPEN ACCESS and available immediately for download on publication day (see publication schedule below).


The International Food and Agribusiness Management Review (IFAMR) publishes high quality, peer reviewed, scholarly articles on topics related to the practice of management in the food and agribusiness industry. The Journal provides managers, researchers and teachers a forum where they can publish and acquire research results, new ideas, applications of new knowledge, and discussions of issues important to the worldwide food and agribusiness system. The Review is published electronically on this website.

The core values of the Review are as follows: excellent academic contributions; fast, thorough, and detailed peer reviews; building human capital through the development of good writing skills in scholars and students; broad international representation among authors, editors, and reviewers; a showcase for IFAMA’s unique industry-scholar relationship, and a facilitator of international debate, networking, and research in agribusiness.

The Review welcomes scholarly articles on business, public policy, law and education pertaining to the global food system. Articles may be applied or theoretical, but must relevant to managers or management scholars studies, industry interviews, and book reviews are also welcome.

The Review also reflects agribusiness scholarship world-wide with over half of its Editorial Board, Managing Editors, and article submissions coming from outside the United States. We welcome inquiries from scholars seeking to become more involved with the management of the IFAMR whether as a Managing Editor, a Special Issue Editor, a member of the Editorial Board, or as a Reviewer.

-Executive Editor, Peter D. Goldsmith

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February 2; May 2; September 1; November 1
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2016 Special Issues: 
Accessing the Status of the Global Dairy Trade: TBA-Q2 2016
The Value of Big Data in Agriculture: Inputs, Farming and Processing: June 20, 2016

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