Cape Town 2014

The Forum Proceedings

Africa's agriculture and agribusiness future has soared to the top of the world's most elite economic growth and agendas. The heightened attention on agriculture and agribusiness in Africa is based on the enormous growth potential of this region that is now tangibly in sight, yet hinges on expanding the capacity of these industries. See full Forum schedule and presentations here.

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The Symposium Proceedings

The Symposium portion of the conference featured 150 scientific research papers, case studies and posters from international scholars on topics addressing the global food system.  Full schedule of paper presentations here


The diverse makeup of IFAMA enables the association to have a major impact in the area of talent development. IFAMA facilitates business-student intereactions and networking opportunities, provides mentor and internship possibilities, promotes food and agribusiness as an industry of choice and brings about employment opportunities for food and agribusiness students by bringing new and top level talent to IFAMA members.

Students attending the annual conference had an opportunity to interact with agribusiness executives, government officials and academics from world class schools. Students participated in a number of activities that showcased their unique skills for potential employers through:

  • Presenting research papers before a group of peers and academic scholars during the Symposium.
  • Participating in the only International Student Case Competition in our sector
  • Conducting Exectuive Interviews with fascinating leaders in the food chain-which may later be published in one of IFAMA's publications
  • More on Student Programs

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